Writing an Effective “About” Page for Your Website

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You are making great strides on putting together your website. You have made the decision to either work with a professional web designer (I hope)  or you have chosen to Do-It-Yourself (Good luck!). Now you are scratching your head, trying to decide what would be effective pages on your website. Where should you start first?

Know that whether you are working with a professional web designer or a DIYer, you are the only one who can make the ultimate choices on what you want to present to your customers. You want to have pages that will effectively sell you and/or your product.

I tell all of my clients that the number one most important page to add to their website is an “About” or “About Me” page.

So, why is this page so important?

Your “About Me” page  is an introduction of yourself and your product to your reader and potential customer. This is where you make your first impression with your readers.

How do you write and EFFECTIVE “About” or “About Me” page? In this post, I have written some tips down. These tips should get you on your way to writing an effective “About Me” page!

1.     The Emotional Connection

You want your customer to have an emotional connection with you and ultimately your product. When you go to buy a product, you want it to know the person behind the curtain, so to speak. We look for an emotional connection with a person before we decide to buy into their product. The more we know of that person, the more we trust. You want to make sure that you emphasize that YOU are your business, by putting your name and face in to your message.

Tip: Add a profile picture of yourself. Make it clean and fun.

2.     Building Trust

A huge part of making a decision to purchase a product is trust! Build trust in your “About Me” page by showing your customer that you are there for them both personally and passionately. Get behind your business 110%!

Tip: Be genuine about your passion and commitment to your business and customers!

3.     Building Credibility

Here is your opportunity to articulate clearly, what you offer – tell your background, your expertise, your story. Always bring all these back full circle and show how you can help with their problem or situation.

Tip: Remember, this is not a ‘Kudos to You’ page; it’s about how YOU can help your customer.

4.      What’s Next?

Think about where you want your customer next. You have traffic take advantage of it. Show your customer where you want them to go next. Create ACTION! What’s next? Do you want them to see your blog, sign up for a quote, download your latest report or song? Whatever your next step is, DO NOT let the reader punch out! Keep them on your site, learning about you and your product.

Tip: Make your next CALL TO ACTION clear! Make it quick! Put it at the bottom of this page.


Make your “About Me” page interesting, personable, and real.

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