WordPress Updates: Version 3.4.2 Released

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Wordpress logoWordPress released a maintenance and security update yesterday. They purport to have fixed a number of nasty bugs which can be read about in their post, “WordPress 3.4.2 Maintenance and Security Release.”

This release is both a security release and a maintenance release, and therefore mandatory for your blog or website. I will be updating all of my clients’ blogs this weekend as well as any plugins that update along with this release.

Over the past year, there have been multiple hacks across the Internet, including my own servers. Making sure your WordPress blog and any plugins you use are updated is incredibly important! DON’T JEOPARDIZE your hard work by missing an update! If you’re logged into your dashboard, it takes about 30 seconds or so to click the automatic update. Violé! You’ve updated your WordPress.

Now, for those of you who feel unsure of updating, drop me an email and will help you with your updates. If you’ve updated and something went wrong during the update, let me know. If I can help, I will!

Remember, security breaches are costly!

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