Website Security Request

Have you heard the news reports lately? Hackers are on the rise and they’re infiltrating websites left and right! Every day, I see hundreds of brute force attempts to hack various websites.

What’s their goal?

  • If they can steal money, they will.
  • If the can steal bandwidth, they do. (Bandwidth of a website is the actual amount of data transferred through the website at one time, through either browsers or FTP.)

Your website’s bandwidth is limited and it is NOT free. You pay for it with your hosting! It’s your bandwidth! A hacker breaks into a website so that they can inject code (malware) into your web pages, or your database, or in many cases, they inject their own pages hidden deep in the folder structure of your website. This code (malware) sends all your hard-earned traffic to other websites where they can get money or sales from your potential customers. It can also transfer viruses to your customers. Not only does this use up your bandwidth (data transfer allocation), but it also steals your business.  

If your website is hacked, your site will be tagged by the major Internet security blacklists. This can cause your website to be totally inaccessible. Once blacklisted, it can take a while to get all criteria met to have your site declared safe. This process is often a very expensive ordeal to go through, and can end up costing you hundreds of dollars. You don’t want that!

With this in mind, we are teaming up with Sucuri, a web monitoring and malware clean up service, to offer a worry-free security service to all clients. This security service will keep constant security checks on your server. If any security breaches are found, they will handle it automatically. In some cases, restoration from an infected domain can take up to 4 hours to restore…sometimes more! This is total downtime of your website! That could cost you hundreds of dollars per incident or more.  For just $89.99 per year, we are offering web monitoring, malware clean up, and just plain worry-free security to all my clients! You don’t want to pass up this incredible opportunity to save money and heartache! Sign up now!

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