Thesis 2.0 is Here! Let’s Install!

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I’ve been using Thesis theme for building WordPress sites…& I love it! I’ve learned so much, thanks to the Thesis Community. That being said, the long-awaited Thesis 2.0 came out October 1st just minutes before midnight. So much has been promised regarding this upgrade.

I am not a hardcore programmer, but I do understand quite a bit of the coding that interconnects to make the look-n-feel work the way you expect (or hope to expect in some cases). In fact, I tend to embarrass myself at times in the forums with what I see now as real ‘DUH’ moments. Thankfully, the tech support in the forum just grins, guides, & moves on. Thanks for that.

What I hope to accomplish here is a step-by-step, out of the box tutorial to help those who may have their own ‘DUH’ moments. (I mean that in the nicest of ways.)

Here is my interpretation of how to unwrap the “precious”.

Where Can I Get My Copy?

You need to download a copy of Thesis 2.0 for yourself. I’ll wait….

Already Use Thesis Theme?

Thesis 2.0 is a complete overhaul! It is nothing like what we already know & have grown to love. If you already use the Thesis theme (or any other theme) on your website, you will definitely want to use the new “Upgrade Helper Plugin” made by Chris Pearson & his team, to take Thesis 2.0 for a test drive. This plugin allows you to test drive Thesis 2.0 behind the scenes without changing your current layout. This way, you, the administrator can experience the new engine without causing changes or problems with your website. Download your Upgrade Helper Plugin now & give it a whirl.

Plugin Installation & Activation

(NOTE: If you are installing a fresh install of Thesis 2.0, you do not need this plugin.)

  1. Upload the Thesis Legacy Helper plugin to your plugin folder.
  2. Add the plugin while your existing theme is still active.
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. Upload Thesis 2.0 to your themes folder.
  5. Go to Appearance >> Themes >> Choose Thesis 2.0.
  6. Activate Thesis 2.0 just like you would any other theme.
  7. You’re ready to experience Thesis 2!

Whenever you’re ready to switch to Thesis 2 for good, simply deactivate the plugin, and voila!

At this point, don’t do what I did & view your site. All you’ll see is a blank white page. This theme is not going to just appear for you like what you’re used to. There are still steps to take to build your site.

Starting Fresh

If you’re installing Thesis 2.0 on a brand new site, don’t worry about getting the Legacy Helper plugin. Download Thesis 2.0 and let’s get started!

  1. Upload your Thesis theme to the themes folder of your WordPress blog or website.
  2. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  3. Go to Appearance >> Themes >> Choose Thesis 2.0
  4. Activate your new theme.

Once activated, look on the sidebar in your dashboard and click “Thesis”. This page will be the next thing that you see in your installation.

Thesis 2.0 Setup

Thesis 2.0 Setup — Dashboard View

Once you get to this page, you will “Click to get started!” It only takes a second and the installation begins. The next thing you’ll see is:

Beginning installation.

Making primary folder structure.

Making wp-content/thesis/

Making wp-content/thesis/boxes/

Making wp-content/thesis/packages/

Making wp-content/thesis/skins/

Preparing default skins to move.

Moving classic.

classic successfully installed.

Moving thesis-blank.

thesis-blank successfully installed.

Default skins installed successfully.

Installation was a success!

Return to Thesis


Congratulations! You’ve installed Thesis 2.0!

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