Technical Difficulties

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This last week has been a hectic one here on the tech side of web design. Many of my websites experienced either downtime or memory issues, which made it difficult for some to blog and others, just lost service. Even today, I am working diligently with my tech support team to iron out the last wrinkles of this issue.

Here is what happened. Last week, we experienced ongoing intermittent server problems including a significant attack from China. My tech support team literally worked around the clock to solve the cascading problems. In addition, random access memory (RAM) was set so high that when the attack came; systems overloaded, causing the downtime that we experienced.

According to my tech guru, RAM had to be reduced to help combat the hacker’s attacks. This reduction of memory caused problems with our WordPress websites and blogs. I was able to work out a temporary fix to the problem by deactivating plugins but that didn’t last long. Finally, today’s phone call to my tech guru, shed light on the real issues and solutions. My hopes are that starting tomorrow morning, the problems that we have experienced should finally go away.

To all my clients, thank you for your patience as I have worked through these issues this last week! If anyone finds any other issues pertaining to the cascade of problems, please contact me.

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