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PayPal LogoI have been an advocate for PayPal for many years. It is a great way to set up a store and not have to worry about extra merchant fees for small businesses.

When you set up a Business account, you are required to have a PayPal primary email address and at some point, I was asked to make a PayPal administrative email address. I’m not sure how I got to this point, but it worked out well for as long as the email address was viable. Once that administrative email address no longer worked, I needed to change it in PayPal. But how?

For some time I searched PayPal’s website and on many occasions, called PayPal, requesting that they remove an email address that was no longer working. However, since it was marked as “Administrative,” it made the process difficult. PayPal will not allow you to remove your “Primary” or “Administrative” email addresses as long as they are marked. No matter how many times I called in, the representative would struggle with finding information on how to change or delete the “Administrative” address. I even had a representative tell me that it was impossible to do.

So, why didn’t I just leave it alone? Why not just leave the email address in there, as is? Even though that email address was dead, it could still access my PayPal account. If some hacker got in there without my knowledge, s/he would be able to change all my personal information and really screw up my life, royally! Never keep dead email addresses in your account!

When you access your PayPal profile, you can update your email addresses. You can choose which address you want as primary… but you cannot change the administrative address. It’s as if the developers over at PayPal forgot to include a button for changing your PayPal administrative email address. I often went to the help section and put in my search criterion for ‘changing Paypal administrative email address,’ but as always, the links all sent me to the same page in my profile with the missing administrative button. If I had a tail, I’d be chasing it there on PayPal’s website!

Finally, using a one-word search criterion, “Administrative,” (DUH!), I came across a thread in PayPal’s forum. There were others searching for the same thing! (Queue the heartwarming tears, with jubilant joy!) As I began sifting through the threads for this procedure, I was also on the phone, once again, with PayPal customer support! By the way, brace yourself when they say they’re going to put you on hold for 2 minutes…it’s really longer.

Here is what I found, and after I found it, I hung up the phone, and then whispered a word of gratitude to the almighty for shedding light on this lingering problem.

First, log into your PayPal account. You can log in using any email address that gives you rights to change your profile. Then click the link below, or copy and paste it into your browser.



Next, choose an email address from the drop-down menu, found under the title, “Current Users.” If you don’t have another email address to choose from, then you’ll need to add one and confirm it.

Finally, click the ‘Continue’ button and voilà! You’ve changed your Administrative email address.

Now, you can delete the previous (dead) email address via your personal/business profile.

I hope this helps others out there who have tired of chasing their tails on PayPal’s website.

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Donald November 15, 2014, 10:00 pm

Thank you for much for this – you saved me alot of headaches!

Bill November 21, 2014, 4:57 pm

This is great information. For Australian users they need to change the URL slightly to get this to work.

All they need to do is change the ‘us’ to ‘au’ and it works perfectly. I’m guessing it would be similar for other countries.


Thanks again

Heidi Hafner November 21, 2014, 8:31 pm

Thank you for your additional information!

Arild Nybo August 27, 2015, 8:22 am

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately it doesn´t work for me. The dropdown for current users is empty. And when I click “Add email” I get the message. “Sorry, but your last action couldn´t be completed”. So I´m stuck with having an outdated, non-functioning email-adress on the customer receipts. The old email is nowhere to be found on any page on our PayPal-account. (And PayPal support, as always, sent me an automated answer, telling me to search the knowledge base, in which I had already explained to them I couldn´t find any helpful answer.)

Curls September 4, 2015, 6:30 pm

Well, my first day of trying to figure this out. One of my first googles and up came your site. So you’ve saved me from many long hours of torture. Thank you so very much for posting this!! The time spent doing so was a mitzvah (blessing) for me and the whole group I’m doing this for.

You’re write up cracked me up laughing too. I can totally picture a person chasing their tail on the internet plane.

The button sure is missing on the settings of the account. No idea why it’s missing or why after all these years, it’s not been added. Emails change. So it’s crazy, crazy. Maybe we need a petition :)!

Thank you 🙂

Barack Obama September 11, 2015, 12:57 pm

Thanks so much. This was a BIG job! Want to come and work for me?

Heidi Hafner September 19, 2015, 3:24 pm

Arild, did you log into your PayPal account with an email address that has admin rights, (meaning you can change any information in your profile)? I double checked the link I placed in the article and it worked fine. The thing to remember is to login first with an email address that has permission to change your profile. I hope this helps.

Heidi Hafner September 19, 2015, 3:25 pm

I would agree with you. I don’t understand why the developers don’t make it visible.

Thanks for visiting!

Annette Loomis January 10, 2016, 5:16 pm


Christine January 20, 2016, 9:34 am

Thank you!! This works for personal accounts to, not just business ones. You saved me who knows how much time and thats priceless!

Sharon February 2, 2016, 8:03 am

I still couldn’t remove the primary email address, even I got the other address to be the ‘administrative email’ already. It continues to indicate ‘(primary)’ next to the old email address.

Argh. You know what, I’m going to delete this bloody business account, and start all over again.

It’s faster than I spend so much time on figuring out how to remove the old email address. LOL.

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