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Sitting here sifting through my email, I see that many are emailing or posting their reviews over 2012 and their 2013 New Years’ resolutions. They got me thinking about this last year and how fast it skated by for me. Did your year pass as fast as mine?

Two thousand twelve marked some new changes for me in the world of web design. Although I had pushed off the idea of designing websites with what I called “cookie cutter” designs using content management systems for many years, I finally decided to heed the call and learn to use it for more than just blogs. I’ve used WordPress for blog support for a few years, but never put any energy into using it as a full, content-management website. All my websites were designed and coded by me.

I know I began building with WordPress over the past years, but this year turned a new leaf. I found a theme that made me feel as if I were still building, designing the website, and yet now I could add the envied page management that WordPress offers.

Not only did WordPress become easier to work with, but the theme I had been using evolved into something that gave me more control over how the site was developed. More control doesn’t mean it became easier. However, using Thesis 2 has been a great challenge. I’ve enjoyed learning it… even if it means going to the forum boards to ask questions that seem rudimentary. There is something about feeling inadequate that makes one strive to become better…to learn more. It’s difficult to be the “noob” on the block… but we all start there at some point, right?

My hopes for this New Year are to grow more adept at using WordPress and Thesis. I also want to increase my knowledge on how to better serve my clients with search engine optimization.

With regard to SEO, I don’t want to learn how to cheat the algorithms. I want to learn more of the organics of SEO. I would like to prove that true, honest, and organic optimization is the best way to build a business.

May this New Year bring you to new heights and new adventures!

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