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Backlinking is probably the most important factor taken in to account when assessing your web pages for search engine rankings. Last week, I wrote about keywords and keyword phrasing being important to search engines. Check out the article, “Have You Overused SEO in Your Website?” In that article, I stated the importance of creating keywords and key phrases directly related to the content of each web page on your website. I also started to watch out for duplicate keywords and phrases. Google is serious about its process of collecting and indexing web pages.

Something else that is important to search engines like Google or Bing is backlinking. The backlinks that point to your website belong to the most important ranking signals in the algorithms of Google and Bing/Yahoo. It is not possible to get high rankings on these search engines without good links. Once a search engine has discovered that your website’s content is original and accurate, the next thing it needs to discover is whether your page can be classified as an “authority page” on the subject queried. This is determined by how many “authority backlinks” point to your page.

Google’s page ranking system is from a Page Rank (PR) 0 to PR 10. Ten in the highest score that Google places on a page. Here’s how it works. The more websites that backlink to your pages, the more your pages rank as an authority. However, this is the tricky part… you should not have just any links coming back to you. You must have quality links coming back at you. In other words, the websites that point back to you should have content that somehow relates to your content. You only need a couple of PR 4 or higher ranked websites to make your pages more authoritative to search engines. Therefore, the quality of links pointing to your site is more important than the quantity.

As your page ranking develops and increases, you move further up the page in the search engine results.

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Lincoln Lim April 1, 2012, 8:42 am

You’re right. Ranking higher or even maintaining the rank in Google just got trickier. We have to make sure that we are linking to the right “neighbour”. Neighbours who do not engage in link building methods that are frowned by Google. The bots just got smarter 🙂

Heidi Hafner April 1, 2012, 10:45 am

Yes, I would agree with Lincoln…. The bots are smarter and Google seems to be looking for organic linking rather than random links.

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