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The other day, I took on a challenge for the first time. As usual, I have to blog about it.

A client of mine has (had) a Blogspot blog that she wanted transferred over to a WordPress blog. I have researched this before and didn’t find any useful information on how to do this until recently. That is not to say the information isn’t out there, you just need to use the right search criterion.

Anyway, to do this export from Blogger/Blogspot and import to WordPress you need to do a few things.

  1. To start, you need to have WordPress installed and configured before you can begin.
  2. Log into your WordPress Dashboard area.
  3. Choose Tools > Import
  4. On the page that appears, there are fifteen different blogging systems to choose from that WordPress has more or less automated. For this instance, click on Blogger.Important Note: In order to proceed, you must have a Google account. If you have the old style Blogger account, you do need to upgrade to the new Google version of Blogger which is hosted on Blogspot.
  5. Click link that says “Authorize.” This tells Blogger to let WordPress access your Blogger account. You will be sent back to this page after providing authorization.

    Grant Access

    Grant Access

  6. Select the blog you want to import. Next to each blog in your Blogger account, there will be “Magic Button” that says, “Import.” Chose which blog to import and click the magic button.
  7. Author Mapping. This is so that the username on your Blogger account can be matched to your username on your WordPress account.

Once you’ve completed these steps, it is all automatic.

Personally, I was surprised that it went so easily. However, I was not impressed that all (or most) formatting did not stay intact. We ended up with text and images all misaligned. When you have tons of posts, this is just too big of a job to try to correct. But on the bright side, we got all the posts to move over. I would love it if someone could tell me what more I could do to realign text and images. Please leave me a comment.

— More later

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