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Denise McConduit, Children's Book Author
Children's book author Denise McConduit is best known for her books, "D.J. and the Debutante Ball," "D.J. and the Jazz Fest," "D.J. and the Zulu Parade." Each book paints the culture and flavor of New Orleans, Louisiana. Find out more...
Jeri Goldstein, Performingbiz
"If you are an Independent Musician or Performing Artist Managing Your Own Career and Booking Your Own Tours, or are an agent booking other artists and would like to..."
Johnette Downing Music & Books for Children
Johnette Downing is a multi-award winning musician and author presenting concerts and author visits for children, and keynotes and workshops for educators globally. Find out more...
Kevin Cordi, Storyteller
Author, Storyteller, and Educator, Kevin Cordi teaches both children and adults the key to unlocking the puzzle of learning with story. Find out more...
Kid Chef Eliana
With grandparents from the Philippines, Cajun Louisiana, Cuba, and Honduras, 11-year -old Kid Chef Eliana has international flair. The author of Eliana Cooks! Recipes for Creative Kids, she was one of 13 Latinos profiled in an exhibit at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum. She is featured in the book, The Parents’ Guide to Raising CEO Kids, by Sarah L. Cook and has been featured in online, print, and television interviews. Cool kids cook and get creative in the kitchen!
Marilu Jewelry Design
Marilu Jewelry Design features the simple, elegant, precise and geometric jewelry of Marilu Patterson. She fabricates many designs from casted forms, her design is one of balance and structure. Find out more...
Pam Donkin, Award-Winning Musician
Pam Donkin is an award-winning children's performer and children's recording artist and has appeared nationally in concerts, schools, libraries, and on television and radio.
Permission 2 Play
Are you a writer, storyteller, teacher, salesperson, animator, or someone who simply wants to find the best way to share your story? Are you looking for a supportive environment where you can explore new choices with the story that you have to tell? Do you think you have the words, but just need some time and space to play around with the words to develop and deliver them? Are you looking for that direct guidance to develop your ideas? If so, I am honored to be able to offer a coaching intensive designed specifically for you and /or your organization entitled:
Picturebook Month
Picture Book Month is an international initiative to designate November as Picture Book Month, encouraging everyone to celebrate literacy with print picture books.
Real Gear 4 Real Warriors
Welcome to Real Gear 4 Real Warriors, your complete martial arts source. We offer martial arts supplies, private instruction in Kung Fu San Soo and Kajukenbo, DVD authoring and duplication, and assistance in school administration.
Story Box Project
The Story Box Project was founded by Kevin Cordi in 1995. This Story Box travels around the world and comes back to the original place one year later.
The Story Connection (Site No Longer Available)
Dianne de Las Casas is an award-winning author and storyteller who tours internationally presenting programs, educator/librarian training, workshops and artist residencies. Her performances, dubbed “traditional folklore gone fun” and “revved-up storytelling” are full of energetic audience participation. Find out more...
Two Dragonflies (Site no longer availble)
Two Dragonflies is a haiku and music website for children, their parents and their educators. The website offers haiku by and for children, haiku activities, songs, resources, book reviews, interviews and information designed to inspire children to develop a life-long love for reading and writing haiku.
Wendy's Town
Native Tucsonan, Wendy Townsend is an Arizona Real Estate Agent, specializing for more than a decade in the Tucson area. Search for your next home in Tucson for Free!
Whitelion Kajukenbo/Free Style Defensive Arts
White Lion Kajukenbo/ Free Style Defensive Arts is a mixed martial arts school based in Boise, Idaho. Students are trained and work on all aspects of martial arts skills. Students learn how to deal with real-life physical confrontations by learning defensive techniques. Find out more...
Youth Storytelling
Author, Educator, and Storyteller Kevin Cordi teaches youth the art of storytelling..