Getting to know WordPress 2.6.x

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I manage several websites, of which I have installed 3 WordPress blogs. I don’t know whether it is lack of experience or bugs in WordPress, or both… But earlier versions of WP had various problems that involved LOTS of extra work to setup or fix. I must say, I am impressed with this new version.

One of my websites had so many problems with the blog. It took 4 months before I was able to fix it. The final fix… uninstall completely, remove from server, and install the newest version… BUT, I had to keep the old archives, posts, comments, and images. Well, my tech support team helped out with the database part. I think they rather preferred to do that than to have me try, fail, and then have them fix a mangled database.

I wish I could have fixed this one blog before I finally did, but I am glad it got done when it did. My client, use her blog to update various aspects of her life… Workshops, education, recipes… but this time Professional Storyteller & Author, Dianne de Las Casas, tells us her experiences with Hurricane Gustav.

During this “learning” curve that I have gone through with WordPress blogs, I have been learning so much about plugins and widgets… also learning a lot about using themes and how to tweak them.

I am not what I would consider ‘experienced’ with blog installation and management, but I am getting there. Let me know what you think of my new theme.

More later…

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