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I have been tearing through all my privacy settings on my Facebook account, making sure that as Facebook makes its changes, I stay safe… or as safe as Facebook can be will be. I reviewed all my apps yesterday, as I try to do often, when I came upon the section that says, “Apps others use.”

I thought, why should I care what apps others use? So I researched it a bit.

Apparently, people on Facebook who are able to see your information, can bring it with them when they use apps. For instance, if you connect to a game, app or website and you log on using your Facebook account, or you add the app to your timeline in Facebook, the game, app, or website is given your basic info (also known as public profile). This info includes your User ID and your public information. Facebook also gives that same information to all your friends’ User IDs (aka your Friend List) as a part of your basic info.

According to Facebook, your friend list “helps” the app make your experience more social because it lets you find your friends on that application. Facebook goes on to explain that your User ID helps the apps personalize your experience because it can connect your account on that app with your Facebook account. Any information that you allow to be public on your account, is accessible by any apps you use or apps your friends use on Facebook. Remember, this includes basic info, which includes your public information and your friend. If the app you are using needs more information from you, such as your stories, photos, or likes, it will have to ask for that specific permission. (This information can be found in Facebook’s privacy information, “Other Websites and Applications.”)

You CAN control most of what these apps can use! In your privacy settings, under Apps, there is a section that is “Apps Others Use.”

People often forget, or don’t even know that whatever you make public on your Facebook account isn’t just public from your account but to anyone who wants to be social and wants to share something you post. This means if you share games, apps, and websites and others see it, they can re-share it… publicly. If you share/post it, it will spread!

So, let’s go over to our settings and tell Facebook what information you will allow to be shared. Remember what I said above… you can control MOST of what apps and Facebook share.

The section looks like this:

Facebook Apps Settings

What do you want apps to see?

If you want to COMPLETELY block apps from getting your info when your friends (and their friends) use them… you have to turn off ALL Platform Applications. Just remember, this means not even YOU will be able to use ANY third-party Facebook-integrated games, apps, or websites.

According to Facebook, if an app asks permission from someone else to access your info, the app would then be allowed to use that info ONLY in connection with the person who gave permission and no one else.

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