Computer Issues – Update

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As I stated last week, I would write an update about my computer issues. Remember, my desktop trouble finding or using hal.dll? Well, my dear husband is a lifesaver when it comes to computers. He is my techno-geek. He is very good at figuring out things. He determined that the integrated  graphics card was toast. So, Friday he decided to go to the computer store in town to buy a new one.

Apparently, I have a bad habit of leaving my GPS in my truck and the triple digit heat caused the darn thing to not work. Oh my hubby was not a happy camper. I suppose he had every right to get upset with me for leaving it out in the heat. He did get it for me as a gift for Christmas and I just wasn’t taking care of it properly. Anyway, he made me search all over my office for the paperwork to take it back and get it fixed or replaced… Not an easy task…

Anyway, he made it to the store and back again without the GPS. Being task oriented like he is, he went straight to my desktop in the office, plugged in the new video card and began the process of finding or fixing hal.dll.

Next, he finds that the CD-Rom is not working right.. Ugh! something else to go wrong. So he takes that out and replaces it too.

Several hours later (I assume hours… I didn’t look at the time) he calls me into the office to look at what  he had done. I was so pleased to come into my office, see a brand new flatscreen monitor with “Windows” showing on it. He showed me that he now can access my Windows machine from his Linux machine so no more shutting down the computer without logging out. Yeah. So, he says, check out your machine and see what you think.

Ok, I sit in my chair, turn toward my desk to give my computer a whirl while listening to him chatter on about logging in remotely. So I spin my chair toward him to look behind me at his machine. (We work in the same office, back to back.) All of a sudden I hear this very loud crash. I spun around again only to see that I had knocked over my CPU. It was open to expose the hard drives, cd-roms, mother board… Yeah… OH CRAP is right. My system froze. Even his “remote access” froze. All he could do is stare at me and use a few choice words. Talking about feeling like a bull in a china shop… that’s me. I took that as my cue to leave the room and hope that I didn’t just slap the hard drives together creating yet another problem and expense.

Twenty minutes later, my husband found me and told me all was ok. There was no damage to my hard drives. I was so relieved and so was he. He didn’t want to work on my machine anymore. I am sure at this point, he was beginning to feel like I didn’t care about any of my electronics. I do, I think I was just having one of those days!

Oh, the GPS apparently has a reset button on it. I pressed it and now it works. Yah!

I am still left with the decision of which laptop to get next… Windows machine or Mac. But I’ll save that for another day.

— More later!

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