6 “Smart-Plugins” for WordPress

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WordPress Tools and Plugins

WordPress and the plugins that come with it have grown exponentially over the years. WordPress plugins have become smarter with an artificial intelligence that makes it possible to learn from experience and make decisions based on what it learns. This learning ability results in an enhanced usability, as AI algorithms observe individual user behavior. Over [...]

What is a Context Menu?

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Context Menu

I was installing a plugin for one of my new clients today. TinyMCE Advanced is a plugin that I install for all my clients. I love this plugin! I’ve tried others, but this one is simple enough to use without instruction, yet complex enough to make you feel like you have some neat toys in [...]

WordPress Brute Force Attacks

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This has been an incredible week for brute force attacks on the Internet. Email flooded my inbox, websites slowed to molasses-slow.  I had just finished putting security plugins in place on all of my WordPress sites after being attacked only a couple of months ago. I had been patting myself on the back for securing [...]

WordPress Security Plugins

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Several weeks ago, many… if not all of my websites had been hacked. It was terrible! I spent many hours cleaning all the domains. Since then, I have learned some lessons. I had hoped to bring my lessons to you in an effort to keep you from sharing my mistakes. Many of my websites are [...]

WordPress Updates: Version 3.4.2 Released

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WordPress released a maintenance and security update yesterday. They purport to have fixed a number of nasty bugs which can be read about in their post, “WordPress 3.4.2 Maintenance and Security Release.” This release is both a security release and a maintenance release, and therefore mandatory for your blog or website. I will be updating [...]

Technical Difficulties

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This last week has been a hectic one here on the tech side of web design. Many of my websites experienced either downtime or memory issues, which made it difficult for some to blog and others, just lost service. Even today, I am working diligently with my tech support team to iron out the last [...]