WordPress Updates: Version 3.4.2 Released

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WordPress released a maintenance and security update yesterday. They purport to have fixed a number of nasty bugs which can be read about in their post, “WordPress 3.4.2 Maintenance and Security Release.” This release is both a security release and a maintenance release, and therefore mandatory for your blog or website. I will be updating [...]

Technical Difficulties

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This last week has been a hectic one here on the tech side of web design. Many of my websites experienced either downtime or memory issues, which made it difficult for some to blog and others, just lost service. Even today, I am working diligently with my tech support team to iron out the last [...]

How to Export Blogspot Blog to WordPress

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The other day, I took on a challenge for the first time. As usual, I have to blog about it. A client of mine has (had) a Blogspot blog that she wanted transferred over to a WordPress blog. I have researched this before and didn’t find any useful information on how to do this until [...]

Getting to know WordPress 2.6.x

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I manage several websites, of which I have installed 3 WordPress blogs. I don’t know whether it is lack of experience or bugs in WordPress, or both… But earlier versions of WP had various problems that involved LOTS of extra work to setup or fix. I must say, I am impressed with this new version. [...]

Having trouble adding images in WordPress 2.5

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I am knew at installing WordPress. So, you can imagine the frustrations that I came across. For me, I have a cPanel installation. It really is quite nice to just click a button and have it install automatically… all files and database… Installed! Cool Huh?! Yeah, well… didn’t work so easily. I ended up getting [...]


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Over the past few months blogs have become an important cog to the workings of a web site. I have read numerous articles and heard several opinions on why blogs are essential in creating a well ranked web site. Well, after numerous hours of hacking away at this blog, I think I have finally installed [...]