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Browser Updates

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Do you frequently check for updates to your favorite browsers? It is very important to me as a web designer to I stay on top of browser updates because I have to build web pages to accommodate the top browsers out there. With security leaks always an issue, and then HTML5 and CSS3 working its [...]

Let’s Talk About Backlinking

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Backlinking is probably the most important factor taken in to account when assessing your web pages for search engine rankings. Last week, I wrote about keywords and keyword phrasing being important to search engines. Check out the article, “Have You Overused SEO in Your Website?” In that article, I stated the importance of creating keywords [...]

Have You Overused SEO in Your Website?

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Are you overusing SEO to boost your website content? Recently, I found this headline on one of the Site Promotion websites I visit periodically. It said, “Google Plans to Penalize Sites That Overuse SEO.” That’s definitely an eye catcher especially when you have worked so hard to get your website listed at the top of [...]

Looking For Internet Explorer/HTML5 Fix For

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So, I have been testing out the <audio> tag and am having some trouble. I see Remy Sharp’s shiv (http://html5shiv.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/html5.js) which helps quite a bit for Firefox, Chrome, etc. However, I am having trouble getting the tag to work in older versions of IE. I’ve found that if I use the <embed> tag, it works [...]

5-Important Rules for Designing Your Website

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So, you’re thinking of building a website, right. Perhaps you already have a website and you want to make some improvements. You should consider some very essential things before you go designing your website. Let’s discuss a few very important rules about designing a website that performs well. 1. DO NOT use splash pages! A [...]