Facebook Apps Others Use

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I have been tearing through all my privacy settings on my Facebook account, making sure that as Facebook makes its changes, I stay safe… or as safe as Facebook can be will be. I reviewed all my apps yesterday, as I try to do often, when I came upon the section that says, “Apps others [...]

Clear Out Those Facebook Apps

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How often do you go through the apps approved to access your Facebook account? I often access websites either from my computer or with my smartphone, sharing articles and pieces of information to my Facebook friends and followers. Often, I’m asked if the app can access my Facebook account and post for me. I give [...]

Take Your Security Seriously!

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In this day and age where hackers seem to be a dime a dozen and account information is lifted from various companies that we think should have great security measures, companies like Sony or Epsilon, do you consider how you can keep your own data safe? I’ll admit, I need to follow some of my [...]