Facebook Spoof in My Email

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Facebook Spoof

I was cleaning out my spam folder today when I came across an email that jump-started my heart and got me a little panicked. It was an email that looked like it was from Facebook telling me that my password had been reset. I frequently check all my privacy settings and try to take all [...]

WordPress Security

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WordPress is one of the top used content management systems used on websites and blogs. Although the WordPress staff and engineers work hard at keeping the core of the software secure, we still end up with vulnerabilities. Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard of many websites being shut down because of phishing scams. I [...]

Take Your Security Seriously!

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In this day and age where hackers seem to be a dime a dozen and account information is lifted from various companies that we think should have great security measures, companies like Sony or Epsilon, do you consider how you can keep your own data safe? I’ll admit, I need to follow some of my [...]