WordPress Updates: Version 3.4.2 Released

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WordPress released a maintenance and security update yesterday. They purport to have fixed a number of nasty bugs which can be read about in their post, “WordPress 3.4.2 Maintenance and Security Release.” This release is both a security release and a maintenance release, and therefore mandatory for your blog or website. I will be updating [...]

Browser Updates

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Do you frequently check for updates to your favorite browsers? It is very important to me as a web designer to I stay on top of browser updates because I have to build web pages to accommodate the top browsers out there. With security leaks always an issue, and then HTML5 and CSS3 working its [...]

Take Your Security Seriously!

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In this day and age where hackers seem to be a dime a dozen and account information is lifted from various companies that we think should have great security measures, companies like Sony or Epsilon, do you consider how you can keep your own data safe? I’ll admit, I need to follow some of my [...]