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Do you frequently check for updates to your favorite browsers? It is very important to me as a web designer to I stay on top of browser updates because I have to build web pages to accommodate the top browsers out there. With security leaks always an issue, and then HTML5 and CSS3 working its way into the World Wide Web, it’s extremely important stay up-to-date. I will admit the frequency of browser updates that Mozilla puts out on Firefox really annoys me. However, I take it in stride. Firefox is my favorite web browser because the engineers at Mozilla work hard to stay ahead of the browser herd.

On April 24, 2012, Mozilla released their upgrade to version 12 of Firefox. As usual, when Firefox told me of the update, I clicked OK and went on with what I was doing. I love receiving notifications of updates! Well, sort of! In the past, these pop-up notifiers didn’t always “pop-up” so I would end up being three or four revisions behind. Lately, Firefox seems to have covered that bug and now I seem to receive a notification about once a month, sometimes more, to upgrade my browser.

So, first off, if you have not updated your Firefox browser, then grab your copy NOW! Always keep your browser updated. It doesn’t matter if you use Internet Express, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or any other browser, ALWAYS keep it updated for safety’s sake at the very least!

Now, normally, as I said above, I just click the OK button and allow the update to churn in the background, doing its thing and then I go through the painstaking process of rebooting the browser. However, the latest news about Mozilla Firefox claims that they are changing the update process. You will no longer receive prompts to perform your updates. It will all happen silently behind the scenes.

On The Mozilla Blog, it states,

“Firefox simplifies the update process for Windows users by removing the user account control dialog (UAC) pop-up while maintaining the security of your system. Once a user gives explicit permission to Firefox on their first installation, they will not be prompted again for subsequent releases.”

All of this is due to occur in the next update, version 13.

I’ve just stated that I like to and need to stay up-to-date on my browsers. I’ve also stated that I am annoyed by the frequency of updates. So, how do I feel about this new update coming out in about six weeks?

First off, I don’t like background updating. As a Windows user, I never seem to have enough memory or resources on any of my machines to work and let background processes happen at the same time. I also worry about security issues. I like to customize my installations and updates as much as possible. However, the frequent pop-ups telling me to update Firefox really annoy me. So, for me… this is a mixed bag. I feel that if the engineers over at Mozilla can streamline the download process to make it fast, safe, and efficient, then I’m ready! I think time will tell if this is a good move. I know many out there are Chrome users. If you are, then this may be a no-brainer.

With all the new things coming out like HTML5 and CSS3, you need to remember to check for updates to your favorite browsers often! Firefox intends on making that process easier!

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