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Over the past few months blogs have become an important cog to the workings of a web site. I have read numerous articles and heard several opinions on why blogs are essential in creating a well ranked web site.

Well, after numerous hours of hacking away at this blog, I think I have finally installed my blog. Now you get to hear me rant about various subjects that cross my mind.

Now, the first thing I had to do was choose a blog program that I felt was easy to work with and had a good reputation for support. For now, I have chosen Word Press. The next thing on my agenda after installing my blog was to decide whether or not I would create my own template for look and feel, or choose one already created and then tweak. No reason to “reinvent the wheel,” I chose a template to tweak.

Using a template has it’s own troubles… for instance, you need to understand PHP and CSS a little bit to be able to navigate through the various files that come together to create your blog. I know just enough to get into trouble!

So, now I have a very simple blog and with it comes the tweaks of frustration.

Well, for me, it is incredibly late… 5 am for bedtime is not normal. We’ll see tomorrow if this blog stands out.

More later…


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