WordPress Security Plugins

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Several weeks ago, many… if not all of my websites had been hacked. It was terrible! I spent many hours cleaning all the domains. Since then, I have learned some lessons. I had hoped to bring my lessons to you in an effort to keep you from sharing my mistakes. Many of my websites are [...]

WordPress Security

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WordPress is one of the top used content management systems used on websites and blogs. Although the WordPress staff and engineers work hard at keeping the core of the software secure, we still end up with vulnerabilities. Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard of many websites being shut down because of phishing scams. I [...]

Do you know the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

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Some days it’s frustrating trying to explain even the simplest things about a URL. Latest topic, the difference between “http” & “https.” Do you know the difference? HTTP means Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is an application protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems. HTTP is the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web. [...]

Facebook Apps Others Use

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I have been tearing through all my privacy settings on my Facebook account, making sure that as Facebook makes its changes, I stay safe… or as safe as Facebook can be will be. I reviewed all my apps yesterday, as I try to do often, when I came upon the section that says, “Apps others [...]

Clear Out Those Facebook Apps

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How often do you go through the apps approved to access your Facebook account? I often access websites either from my computer or with my smartphone, sharing articles and pieces of information to my Facebook friends and followers. Often, I’m asked if the app can access my Facebook account and post for me. I give [...]

My Year in Review

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Sitting here sifting through my email, I see that many are emailing or posting their reviews over 2012 and their 2013 New Years’ resolutions. They got me thinking about this last year and how fast it skated by for me. Did your year pass as fast as mine? Two thousand twelve marked some new changes [...]

Deciphering Meta Tags

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So, you’ve hired someone to build your website. Good job! Probably a relief to see it in lights, right? Congratulations! The other day I was reviewing a couple of websites for potential clients. I have a, sort-of, ritual that I run through when I review websites. First off, I go straight to the source code. [...]