Dos and Don’ts of Do It Yourself SEO

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Dos and Don’ts of Do It Yourself SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been an interest of mine for many years, and it should be when developing and building websites. When I create websites, I make sure that my clients have the means to produce an excellent SEO strategy for every page and post. Let’s learn a few dos and don’ts of do [...]

Deleting Google Analytics

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Google Analytics

Clients come and go. There comes the day when you must delete their Google Analytics from your dashboard. It had been a while since I needed to delete any analytics. So, recollecting how to proved to be a little challenging. After trying over and over again, I found the right combination and deleted the account [...]

Dark modes with CSS

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With the introduction of dark mode in macOS, Safari Technology Preview 68 has released a new feature called,prefers-color-scheme which lets us detect whether the user has dark mode enabled with a media query. That’s right. If this becomes a little bit more supported in other browsers, then we might potentially soon have a way to [...]

Backlinking for Better SERPs

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SEO Backlinks

There have been many articles on backlinking over the years. I have heard positive and negative remarks about it. In fact, even today as I do some more fact checking, I found so many regurgitated articles on the Pros & Cons of Backlinking. I understand why a website owner might get confused!Backlinking is the “link [...]

How to Promote Your Blog and Make it Viral (Infographic)

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How to Promote Your Blog

It’s common to focus all your energy on writing a blog post, and then completely forget to promote it. Write it and let Google do the rest – right?The great P.T. Barnum once said:Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!That’s right. Absolutely nothing.Today’s infographic goes through the step-by-step process on how to promote your blog and [...]

Clues to Writing High-Converting Newsletters

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Conversion Chart

Do you send newsletters to help drive deals and income for your business?You’re not the only one. Research shows that newsletters are one of the most effective ways to drive revenue for your business.Did you know there are many distinctive components necessary to get the best results in your newsletter? If not, you could be [...]