6 “Smart-Plugins” for WordPress

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WordPress and the plugins that come with it have grown exponentially over the years. WordPress plugins have become smarter with an artificial intelligence that makes it possible to learn from experience and make decisions based on what it learns. This learning ability results in an enhanced usability, as AI algorithms observe individual user behavior. Over time, they adapt to the user’s unique needs.

The main function of these “Smart-Plugins” is to utilize these AI algorithms to learn from your web surfing behavior. As a result, it becomes smarter and more resourceful at delivering information.

I have discovered 6 “Smart” Plugins for WordPress that use artificial intelligence to help you to understand your users.

Aimojo (Ai-mojo)

Aimojo introduces new structured categories or taxonomies, that will increase the contextual value of your content. This will improve search results, and thus make menus and link lists contextual and dynamic. It makes sites sticky and thus, visitors are more likely to convert. Aimojo is 10 times faster than its predecessor, Affinitomics for WordPress, improving results and delivering context by massively reducing noise.


Aimojo is not like some WordPress plugins which reveal context by requiring hard-coded relationships or by forcing WordPress to calculate tag counts and indexes showing an effort to churn out contextually valuable matches. Forcing WordPress to do the latter causes servers to bog down and in turn slows the performance of your website. 


Jetpack is a plugin that has several features. Some features that it offers are Single Sign-on, WordPress.com Stats, Carousel, Shortcode Embeds, Publicize, Gravatar Hovercards, and much more. In 2013, Jetpack added “After the Deadline,” which uses artificial intelligence and language processing to discover spelling, misused words, grammar, and style errors. In most cases, it then offers smart suggestions to make your corrections.

Jetpack by WordPress.com

You can turn it on in your visual editor and have it follow along as you type. It color codes each of your errors. Misused words and spelling errors are underlined in red, grammar mistakes are underlined in green, and style suggestions are underlined in blue.

WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration

WooCommerce/Darwin Pricing Integration plugin provides integration between the Darwin Pricing, dynamic pricing software, and the WooCommerce plugin. Darwin Pricing software combines real-time market analysis with intelligent price optimization techniques, which enable you to run geo-targeted sales campaigns. Optimal geo-targeted promotions insure your success in all cities where your product is sold.

WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration

The Darwin Pricing software first gathers pricing data from your competitors, and statistically analyzes that data with AI algorithms to find the best discount for every location. This plugin offers discounts via geo-targeted coupons, allowing your customers the best possible cost without impacting your global margins. This optimal pricing strategy will boost your traffic, your sales, and your profits.


The MyCurator plugin constantly works in the background delivering interesting and usable content to you throughout the day. This tool enables bloggers to discover interesting articles customized to your market niche, quickly and constantly. The smarts in this plugin take all articles and weed out irrelevant material. It’s better than subscribing to RSS feeds or Google alerts. MyCurator is trainable. It uses a voting system where you click on thumbs up or thumbs down depending on your preferences.

MyCurator WordPress Plugin

As you train this plugin, the algorithm will begin to find more material for you to use in your posts. You can set it up to curate content automatically and it will browse the web while you sleep.

Kindred Posts

Kindred Posts uses AI to recommend content to your visitors. Once installed and activated, drag a widget into your sidebar and let Kindred Posts handle the rest.

Kindred Posts WordPress Plugin

Kindred Posts uses artificial intelligence to learn how your visitors use your site. It suggests content based on their interests. As more visitors navigate through your site, the more relevant and targeted the recommendations.

One of Kindred Posts’ newest features is the ability to integrate with your website analytics. This allows you to see what recommendations were clicked the most. This plugin is easily installed and works right out of the box.

Did You Mean

Have you ever navigated through pages on a website only to end up on a 404 page? Did You Mean helps you manage 404 pages intelligently.  This plugin works upon activation with no admin settings to sift through.

Did You Mean WordPress Plugin

The Did You Mean plugin offers a conditional widget that only displays on 404 pages. It offers posts that are contextually the closest to the post the user asked for in the URL bar. This plugin can correct typos in URLs and search forms used by your visitors. It also makes searches more user-friendly by offering recommendations.

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