Our Life as We Know it

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October marked the time when life, my life that is, turn upside down. Well, o.k. not really upside down, but it sounded good in my head. Can’t you hear the symphony in the background? Music is swelling… *looks around* You can’t? Oh dear… Well, turn your volume up! … still can’t hear it… er… it [...]

First Week…Day Two

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The freeway here, primarily Interstate 10, is going through a lot of construction. I think they are widening it. Anyway, it is really bad! Four or five on/off ramps are shut down, lanes are narrower than usual, and speed limits range from 55 mph to 75 mph. So that gives you a little glimpse of [...]

First Week…Day One

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Well, we have been here in Sahuarita, Arizona (Find on Google Maps)for 12-days now. My brother and sister-in-law did warn us that the Tucson area was immense. I’ll get to this in a bit. First day in Sahuarita (pronounced Saw wah ree ta, according to, I had to go to the management company to [...]

What’s New!

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Over the past three months our family has gone through some huge changes, namely our location! In September of this year, my husband & I received a call from my brother asking for my husband’s resume. You see, we have been searching for better employment for 5 years or so… He has been working for [...]