Birthday Weekend

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July/August is, I think, one of my busiest months of the year. I have the honor (maybe responsibility is a better word) of celebrating three birthdays in a row. First comes my husbands, 8-days later my youngest son’s, and the 8-days after that, my eldest son’s birthday. Planning isn’t my strongest point. I am embarrassed [...]

Computer Issues

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I have issues with my computers. You see, I have two computers that are mine. My desktop computer is primarily for personal and school use. I do all our home school stuff & checkbook on it. Then I have my laptop that I use for my business. My Laptop is about 3 years old… the [...]

Catching up…

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So much has happened over the past month. People ask why I don’t blog… I have been so busy trying to unpack our home AND work on Christmas. There just hasn’t been a lot of time. My parents drove from northern California in their RV about 3 weeks ago. My brother and his family have [...]

Vacation Time!

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I keep myself incredibly busy, with homeschooling our boys by day and web design all other hours, I hardly have time for me. This really has never been a problem because I really do love what I do. My two boys and my husband are very involved in Boy Scouts and recently had a camporee [...]