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My Year in Review

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Sitting here sifting through my email, I see that many are emailing or posting their reviews over 2012 and their 2013 New Years’ resolutions. They got me thinking about this last year and how fast it skated by for me. Did your year pass as fast as mine? Two thousand twelve marked some new changes [...]

Our Life as We Know it

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October marked the time when life, my life that is, turn upside down. Well, o.k. not really upside down, but it sounded good in my head. Can’t you hear the symphony in the background? Music is swelling… *looks around* You can’t? Oh dear… Well, turn your volume up! … still can’t hear it… er… it [...]

Birthday Weekend

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July/August is, I think, one of my busiest months of the year. I have the honor (maybe responsibility is a better word) of celebrating three birthdays in a row. First comes my husbands, 8-days later my youngest son’s, and the 8-days after that, my eldest son’s birthday. Planning isn’t my strongest point. I am embarrassed [...]

Computer Issues

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I have issues with my computers. You see, I have two computers that are mine. My desktop computer is primarily for personal and school use. I do all our home school stuff & checkbook on it. Then I have my laptop that I use for my business. My Laptop is about 3 years old… the [...]

To Write or Not to Write

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I have had this beautiful blog set up for quite some time and I have had a goal to write in it but… what do I write about. I have changed my title of my blog so many times, my head is spinning. Currently, it is, “Chaotic Ramblings of Heidi’s Mind” and that is what [...]

My Trip to Louisiana — Day Three

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As time progressively moves forward, I am realizing that I have begun to forget some of the finer points of my visit to Louisiana… God I wish I could have blogged while there. (I could have, but chose not to because I wanted to experience every minute with everyone.) The third day of my visit [...]

My Trip to Louisiana — Day Two

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Ok, ok… I know hearing about someone’s trip to the airport is that much fun… especially without pictures! Well, let’s see how Day Two goes! At Hotel de Las Casas no one wakes you. Everyone is quiet as a mouse. I slept until 10 in the morning or so. I know, this comes as a [...]