August 2009

Link Exchanges/Link Farms – Good or Bad

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The other day, I received a very courteous email from a webmaster looking to increase the rankings of his web pages. I have spent the last few days contemplating his request. First, what are Link Exchanges & Link Farms? Link farming is the process of exchanging reciprocal links with web sites in order to increase [...]

TeacherTube Review

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As a web designer, I help clients with video uploads quite a bit. One network that I have been known to use for video uploads is The rules seem pretty specific there, meaning you can’t just drop any ol’ video in their network. It has to be specific to teaching. At least two of [...]

Google’s New Caffeine

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I am a sucker for Google’s search engine. I use it over any other. However, from time to time I do look at the others just to see if I am missing anything special. Usually, I’m not. Today, I found that Google is working on something new. It is called Google Caffeine. It is their [...]

Computer Issues – Update

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As I stated last week, I would write an update about my computer issues. Remember, my desktop trouble finding or using hal.dll? Well, my dear husband is a lifesaver when it comes to computers. He is my techno-geek. He is very good at figuring out things. He determined that the integrated  graphics card was toast. [...]

Birthday Weekend

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July/August is, I think, one of my busiest months of the year. I have the honor (maybe responsibility is a better word) of celebrating three birthdays in a row. First comes my husbands, 8-days later my youngest son’s, and the 8-days after that, my eldest son’s birthday. Planning isn’t my strongest point. I am embarrassed [...]