July 2009

Computer Issues

– Posted in: Downtime

I have issues with my computers. You see, I have two computers that are mine. My desktop computer is primarily for personal and school use. I do all our home school stuff & checkbook on it. Then I have my laptop that I use for my business. My Laptop is about 3 years old… the [...]

To Write or Not to Write

– Posted in: On a Personal Note

I have had this beautiful blog set up for quite some time and I have had a goal to write in it but… what do I write about. I have changed my title of my blog so many times, my head is spinning. Currently, it is, “Chaotic Ramblings of Heidi’s Mind” and that is what [...]

How to Export Blogspot Blog to WordPress

– Posted in: WordPress

The other day, I took on a challenge for the first time. As usual, I have to blog about it. A client of mine has (had) a Blogspot blog that she wanted transferred over to a WordPress blog. I have researched this before and didn’t find any useful information on how to do this until [...]

Finding Royalty Free Music & Images

– Posted in: Web Design

The last couple of days I have spent looking for just the right image or just the right music to fit the web sites that I am building. As you’re aware, it is a REALLY BAD IDEA to steal artwork or music from another website. People frown upon you stealing their work… So, I spent [...]