December 2008

First Week…Day Two

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The freeway here, primarily Interstate 10, is going through a lot of construction. I think they are widening it. Anyway, it is really bad! Four or five on/off ramps are shut down, lanes are narrower than usual, and speed limits range from 55 mph to 75 mph. So that gives you a little glimpse of [...]

First Week…Day One

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Well, we have been here in Sahuarita, Arizona (Find on Google Maps)for 12-days now. My brother and sister-in-law did warn us that the Tucson area was immense. I’ll get to this in a bit. First day in Sahuarita (pronounced Saw wah ree ta, according to, I had to go to the management company to [...]

What’s New!

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Over the past three months our family has gone through some huge changes, namely our location! In September of this year, my husband & I received a call from my brother asking for my husband’s resume. You see, we have been searching for better employment for 5 years or so… He has been working for [...]