April 2008

FlashPaper 2.0

– Posted in: Software, Web Design

Well, I finally took the time to “re-install” my Macromedia FlashPaper 2.0… After all the work I took to uninstall Flash and all it’s bits, I had hoped that I would be able to reinstall my program. The first thing I did BEFORE this reinstall was to set a new restore point. Sometimes having a [...]

Dealing with Flash Problems

– Posted in: Software

I have several programs that I use with my business that helps to create various flash objects. A couple months ago I began experiencing problems with one of my programs, Macromedia FlashPaper. It first started when my browser told me that a new version of flash was available. Like a good robot, I updated without [...]

Importance of Having a Website

– Posted in: Marketing, Web Design

What’s the importance of having a website anyway? I have been a Web Designer for a number of years. I have contemplated how I would explain the importance of a website for businesses that I encounter everyday. I have had numerous comments that I have voiced, but never have I written it down to read. [...]


– Posted in: WordPress

Over the past few months blogs have become an important cog to the workings of a web site. I have read numerous articles and heard several opinions on why blogs are essential in creating a well ranked web site. Well, after numerous hours of hacking away at this blog, I think I have finally installed [...]